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IG Master is a followers analytics application for Instagram® account holders with the features of unfol low detection, blockers detection and profile interactions, etc. As an intelligent followers analytics tool, it helps you get real-time reports for your Instagram accounts.
With IG Master, you can track the status of your followers, discover potential followers, monitor the performance of your posts, and manage your Instagram account like a PRO. It is our mission to help you handle your Instagram account effectively, target potential followers, and be a social media influencer—an IG Master!
You can get instant news about the followers you lost, users who are not following you back, and secret admirers, etc. Secret admires are the potential followers for your account according to the algorithm. You can interact with them and get organic growth for your accounts.
IG Master applies the intelligent algorithm to help users find secret admirers, best followers, and more. You will get to know the viewers who present interest in your profiles and your content. This is particularly effective for Instagram business profiles to find who are potential followers or customers with high value.
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