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Who viewed your Instagram profile recently?
Who's been stalking your Instagram account?
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Who's been stalking your profile?
Whether your concern is privacy, security or just plain nosiness, IG Master claims that it can help you out...and can it really. Some things might seem too good to be true and this app might just fit that mold.

Lots of us would like to know which of our friends and connections are secretly looking at our instagram updates without engaging with them but, more often than not, networks deliberately make this information either difficult or impossible to access.

Users can openly express interest with likes, comments and repost, but we’ll always be curious about the unknown.
Why You Need to Know
Who Viewed Your Profile Page?
IG Master makes a straightforward way to dig up who are considering your Instagram interesting and attractive for them. IG Master applies intelligent algorithm to help users find out profile stalkers, secret admirers, best followers, etc. You will get to know the viewers who presented much more interests to your profiles and your content, which is particularly effective for Instagram business profiles to find who are potential followers or customers with high value.
Get timely notice of profile stalkers
Checking who cares about your Instagram page will give you some actionable insights. When there's a change about your profile stalkers, secret admirers, you will receive timely notifications. Secret admirers are the potential followers for your account according to the algorithm. You can interact with them and get organic growth for your accounts.
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