Who Unfollowed You?
Is it very torturing to just see the followers loss? Is it too late when you found you've got so many unfollowers? This is particularly frustrating if you find you've lost followers without any clue. But do you know who they are and are those unfollowers really means much to you? IG Master is empowered to help social players like you to track lost followers, and presents you who they are. This insight is aimed to supply you a better vision and version of your follower's composition. Sometimes these unfollowers are just some spam accounts which doesn't deserve your anxiety. And for those followers you care and unfollowed you, maybe it's time to take actions.
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Who not following you back?
Who's Not Following You Back?
Instagram doesn't provide any notifications or allow you to see who unfollowed you. Probably for good reason. If everyone were able to see who wasn't interested in their account any more, it would probably create quite a bit of drama.

Nonetheless, there are still millions of people left wondering "how can I see who unfollowed me?!" when they notice they have lost followers. Which make sense, considering the importance of having followers and social proof on Instagram.

With IG Master, you are empowered to unveil people who's not following you back! Either to choose one-tap to unfollow them or re-engage with them. Just no more cheating on #followforfollow!
Unlike and Unfollow Tracker
Unfollowing someone or unlike post on Instagram is the social media equivalent of giving them the cold shoulder. It can be subtle, even unnoticeable at first, until that you find followers or likes to have an obviously decrease.

Though Instagram notifies you about new followers and new likes, it keeps the reverse — someone's decision to unfollow you or cancel like — a mystery. But if you do want to know when you lose a follower or a like, IG Master can keep you up to date. Get timely notice when you are unfollowed or unliked.
Unlike and Unfollow Tracker
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